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2010 - 11 things

epic shit
1. Run/exercise at least 3 days a week consistently
2. Use sewing machine. Maybe make a zafu?
3. Finish the following video games: FF7, Paper Mario, LoZ:TP, FFXIII(?)
4. Read at home almost every day. (Commute and work reading don't count.)
5. Swordfighting!
6. Attempt to sign up for community garden in my area and/or grow as much as I can in pots on windowsills and ledges.
7. Make my place into my fortress of solitude.
8. Learn to play the pennywhistle or recorder.
9. Do at least 5 DITLs
10. Bring my lunch to work for 1 month straight. No buying lunch.
11. Write and publish a zine.


Go there.
Sometime this weekend I'll run about adding you all, but if you want a headstart, that's where I'll be.



I think it's time to leave the rest of 2009 where I left it.
It kills me, but so has everything else lately.

I'm switching journals soon I think. This is the first time I've ever done it but I didn't have the money for a namechange token and a paid account (for mass-friends-onlying). I hope you'll all follow me onwards.
"machine gun", "snow white"
As my facebook status says, I should really stop mocking Anthony for being a messy cook. The mess after I made this lentil casserole is HUGE. And I am NOT looking forward to cleaning up after myself.
But I got lentil casserole from it!

Howard Zinn is dead. I really did think he would live forever or something.

I need really really to do laundry but as I learned all of a sudden this afternoon, I won't be able to for two days because Benj has the electrical people in doing electrical stuff and that means taking the dryer out for a while because it's in the way of the breaker box. This is frustrating.

What's also frustrating is that the garden people haven't gotten back to me yet. I made some more phone calls and left messages of crankyness. But it did remind me that I am going to really actually grow potatoes in a garbage can this summer! And that I can do on my porch.


Planning to get drunk tonight. I'm home alone (again) and I am sick of taking this well and sick of handling this in some sort of healthy way. So drunk it is.
sorry mario
I really hate having political discussions except that I like them but mostly because someone somewhere always comes up with the, "But how would an anarchist society work?" and frankly I don't care. I just like it.
But sometimes we just have awesome discussions about how much intesteringness I am finding in Emma Goldman's autobio.

Had another pregnancy dream last night. Annoying.

I was getting all sorts of trouble trying to contact the Lower Lonsdale Community Garden people and I figured it was just because Community Garden People are flaky as all hell (they are) but it turns out that part of it was the email I was given was and not So I tried resending out the email and I haven't gotten a response yet, but I haven't also gotten a "email cannot be delivered" message either.
Hurry up flaky people!
avoid huge ships

-Buy myself a mortar & pestle.
-Clean out the last of the drawers from the broken dresser in the bedroom.
-Move zine box onto the shelves in the living room.
-Play a stupid amount of Legend of Zelda on the DS.

Also looking into going to attending random VPL and other events (free stuff). I need to be more busier.
fight apathy
So this plan of being much more social is working out. Fairfax and I are trying another spin class on Friday and Angie and I (and maybe more?) are headed out to Sancutary on the weekend. It’s been YEARS since I’ve been to Sanctuary. And yet I still own enough clothings to put together a suitably gothy outfit… with neon purple tights.
All of this being social is not only meant for fun but also for serious business. Fun serious business.

The post-Anthony culinary awesomeness continues wherein I discover that I did actually learn stuff from him. Good pasta sauce was made by me at 10pm last night.
Thai chicken in green curry with Anthony last night was a qualified success. But if you ignored the burnt bits it was very lovely. Also needed more Sriracha than the recipe called for (which was none and we only put a little in).
I have leftover green curry paste. May try it again but with tofu later on this week.
Random crap:

Went up to Anthony's place this morning. We celebrated not having seen each other for three days by falling asleep on his floor.

Last night I met up with Fairfax for some spin class fun. And boy is my ass tired. It was seriously intense. But we're insane so we're going to try again next week.
After that we had Nepalese/Himalayan food which was super yummy.

I made the best soup the other day. I combined a teensy bit of leftover uncooked lentils with some chicken bullion*, bacon, mushrooms and a whole pile of random spices (seriously, I went through and put in anything that seemed to be something I like without thought to what actually goes together) and while it tasted wonderful as it cooked, I realized that it needed something more. So I dropped in a bunch of spoonfulls of some leftover Indian tofu curry rice stuff from a few days before. And somehow it all worked.

Today's accomplishments are that I found appropriate laundry baskets and took out the recycling.

*If anyone's wondering about my "go veganish" post several posts down, remember I am not going to be strict about it and this is stuff I had in the house from before I made that decision anyway.



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